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> On Friday 26 April 2002 07:11, Ilhan Guvener wrote:
> > Yes it seems off-topic but I only joined to this mail-list. So I don't have
> > any other place to ask. I sent mail to unsubscribe me from the list but
> > nothing happened. I'm still recieving mails from the list. What's wrong?
> Did you read bit the at the bottom of every post?
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Gday Jason

Unfortunately ezmlm has a peculiar habit of not adding a trailer to some 
messages where the incoming message has certain attachments - this was a 
constant cause of annoyance to me when adminning some ezmlm lists. There 
was some very good reason why this had to happen, which I can't remember 

But the net effect is that quite often messages come to the list w/out 
the trailer; surprisingly including yours :-) I thought kmail would be 
better behaved.

Mind you, this isn't intended to be an apology for those who still don't 
read the messages that do have it, or don't bother to check

David Robley
Temporary Kiwi!

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