On Sunday 28 April 2002 16:32, David Robley wrote:

> Unfortunately ezmlm has a peculiar habit of not adding a trailer to some
> messages where the incoming message has certain attachments - this was a
> constant cause of annoyance to me when adminning some ezmlm lists. There
> was some very good reason why this had to happen, which I can't remember
> now.

Adding a trailer willy nilly to a mime mail (html most likely) can break it 
so that's probably the reason why. But html mail (and possibly attachments) 
should not be allowed to enter mailing lists anyway.

> But the net effect is that quite often messages come to the list w/out
> the trailer; surprisingly including yours :-) I thought kmail would be
> better behaved.

You're pulling my leg. I just checked my trash can and my post /did/ have the 
trailer, as do all the other posts that I've checked.

> Mind you, this isn't intended to be an apology for those who still don't
> read the messages that do have it, or don't bother to check php.net.

What amazes me is that people have the intelligence to subscribe but seem to 
be lacking it somewhat when it comes to unsubscribing ;-)

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