Dear all
I had a problem to get the php to load a csv file into mysql.
I had a csv file which located at my HDD, and i had tried to Import the data
from this CSV file into mysql using MYCC which is a console program for
mysql, it successfully load the data into mysql table.
Now i try to setup my webpage, which tried to perform same task is to load
that csv file's data into mysql table, but it won't work!! don't know why!!
here is my php code.

include 'phpstudy/';
print ($select);
if ($select =="HKD RATE")
$importquery= "LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE 'C:/Documents and
Settings/jack/Desktop/Web/test/hkd_rate.csv' into hkd_depsit1 fields
terminated by ',' ";
print ($result);

when i run this script, it doesn't load the data into mysql! but as i said
before, using the same query in MYCC, i can successfully load the data into
Mysql database.

Could someone pls tell me what mistake i had made?

Thx a lot!

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