Dear all
i'm a newbie in mysql, but there is one question about LOAD Data command in
mysql, let say if i had a CSV file in client side and i want to load this
file's data into particular table , so do i need to copy this CSV file into
Web server side where the Mysql is or i will be able to load it from the
client side?

Why i asking this, is i had a page that will load the csv file's data into
mysql's table using php script, but when i execute this page from client
side, it doesn't load the data into mysql, and there is no message saying
anythin(as i don't know how to show the error message from mysql at php

I had tried to use MyCC(a client program for Mysql) in client side to load
the data into mysql, it works with no problem!

Don't know what i had done wrong!

Here is the php script at my page :
include 'phpstudy/';
print ($select);
if ($select =="HKD RATE")
$importquery= "LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE 'C:/Documents and
Settings/jack/Desktop/Web/test/hkd_rate.csv' into hkd_depsit1 fields
terminated by ','";
print ($result);

Thx a lot!

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