I would to ask/report a problem  i am facing in setting a value in the
option: LDAP_OPT_SIZELIMIT, using the ldap_set_option function.

I want to restrict the results returned by the LDAP server (it is an
iPlanet) before an ldap_list and check afterwards the ldap_errno expecting
it to return 4, that there are more results to be returned.
That is the case in PHP v4.0.6. where the script works...

the script goes like:

ldap_set_option( $ds, LDAP_OPT_SIZELIMIT, $SEARCH_SIZE_LIMIT );
$A_Current_objects = ldap_get_results( $ds, $ldap_list_dn, $filter,
"list" );
error_reporting(E_ALL); /*i have also tried error_reporting(E_ERROR);*/
if( ldap_errno($ds) == 4 )
     $error_found = 1;

ldap_get_results is a custom funciton which returns immediatelly all the
results after an ldap read, list or search.

Anyway, the ldap_errno($ds) returns in PHP v4.0.6.  4, while in v.4.1.1, the
same code, using the same directory server which has the same data, returns

I guess that the problem is in setting the LDAP_OPT_SIZELIMIT, but the
function ldap_set_option returns true in either case. Did anything change
from one version to the other regarding this function or its option?

Any ideas would be very much appreciated, thank you, Vassilis-Javed Khan

Vassilis-Javed Khan
Computer Engineer
Computer Technology Institute, Networking Technologies Sector

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