Hi. I am having trouble after migrating an Access Database to MySQL.
Basically the Access query I was using for my application was:

SELECT Periode.LibPeriode, PaysPeriode.RefPaysPeriode,
PaysPeriode.DateDebut, PaysPeriode.DateFin
FROM Periode INNER JOIN (Pays INNER JOIN PaysPeriode ON Pays.RefPays =
PaysPeriode.RefPays) ON Periode.RefPeriode = PaysPeriode.RefPeriode
WHERE ((Pays.RefPays = 1) AND (PaysPeriode.DateDebut>#7/2/02#))
ORDER BY Periode.libPeriode, PaysPeriode.DateDebut

However this wouldn't work in MySQL so I altered it to read...

SELECT Periode.LibPeriode, PaysPeriode.RefPaysPeriode,
PaysPeriode.DateDebut,PaysPeriode.DateFin FROM Periode, PaysPeriode, Pays
WHERE Pays.RefPays = PaysPeriode.Refpays
AND Periode.RefPeriode = PaysPeriode.RefPeriode
AND PaysPeriode.DateDebut > 20020207000000
AND Pays.RefPays = 1
ORDER BY Periode.libPeriode, PaysPeriode.DateDebut

This is soo close to working but just not quite. The Access query just
pulled out unique values for the Periode.LibPeriod field which was perfect.
But the MySQL seems to pull them all out. I have tried GROUPING the result
by the Periode.LibPeriode which gives me unique values in the field but I
need the unique values with the highest startdate i.e. PaysPeriode.DateDebut
but it always pulls out the first start date?

Can anyone help?


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