One reason that my queries will look like what you described is that
later I append more conditions. The where 1 allows me to tack them all
on with AND or OR instead of having to put the where on later and decide
things like if I need to put AND or OR or WHERE or whatever... The WHERE
1 keeps it simple.... 

<>< Ryan 

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Yes, where evaluates to true.

On Wed, 2004-03-17 at 12:03, Matt Matijevich wrote:
> This is probably a question for for a mysql list but I figured someone

> out here knows the answer.
> I am working with an existing mysql application and there is a bunch 
> of queries that are formatted something like this:
> SELECT * FROM sometable WHERE 1
> does "WHERE 1" just return every row?
> thanks in advance.

Adam Voigt

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