I  get the impression that this is a fairly common request, but I haven't
seen a definite answer, so I figured I'd ask.  Is it possible to use a
FileMaker Pro ODBC connection with PHP4?  I have a DSN setup, but when I
try to connect I get the following message (via odbc_errorstr()):

Unable to connect to the database: [FileMaker][ODBC FileMaker Pro
driver][FileMaker Pro]Connect failed

Has anyone successfully connected to FileMaker via ODBC, and if so, what
settings had to be enabled?  I know that there is a library called FX (
http://www.iviking.org/projects/FXdownload.php ) which will let you access
FileMaker via the XML interface, but I get the feeling that this is going
to be slower and more complicated than just using ODBC and standard SQL.

I'm using PHP4.1.2 on IIS5 (Win2K) if it makes any difference. 

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