Well, Georg,

what is probably the slowest link here is the ADODB connection. One of 
the great things with PHP is that you have native support for a lot of 
DBs built-in or available as separate DLLs. You should really look into 
using this for your DB connections instead of using the MS method, which 
is also known to be quite memory leaky in certain versions btw.



On Thursday, May 9, 2002, at 10:57 PM, Georg wrote:

> I recognized during saving or loading data from the database, by
> using ADODB connection, the transaction process is rather slow. Also the
> generation of the website (I tried to use framesets, and print all the 
> instructions with PHP commands) is rather slow. I got in mind that PHP 
> is a
> rather fast CGI language. Perhaps the problem is because I use recent 
> version on a MS-Windows OS (I read once APACHE on MS-Window OS is still 
> in
> a kind of beta version, not real comparable to the performance on LINUX
> machines?) or it 's because I print all HTML commands and therefore the
> parsing takes such a lot of time?! Perhaps I have to use some certain
> settings on the APACHE or use some certain PHP compile settings?
> Has anybody got any ideas why these problems occur and how to get rid of
> them??
>  Kind regards
> Georg
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