Hi everyone,
I have two radio buttons. Depending on what the users choose I will run an
update statement.
The field that needs to be update are
code_source and verify if radio button 1 is selected
reason_rejected and first_reject if radio button 2 is selected

this my two buttons
<input name="status" type="RADIO" value="<? echo $verify; ?>">Approved
<input name="status" type="RADIO" value="<? echo $first_reject; ?>">No

The values for the radio buttons I'm assigning from a table. Both are enum
data type.

This is my code, but it doesn't work properly. It will update only
reason_rected and first_reject fields no matter what radio button a select.

$query = ("update project set source_code='$source_code', verify='yes' where
verify = '$status'");
$test_result = mysql_query($query);

if (!$test_result)

$query = ("update project set reason_rejected='$reason_rejected',
first_reject='yes' where first_reject = '$status'");
$test_result2 = mysql_query($query);

Any help is greatly appreciate it
Thanks in advanced

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