First, forgive me if this seems to be cross post -- but it does involve 
both PHP and MySQL.

My client requirements are:
 From their website, they display a list of classes. On registering for a 
class, the user is sent to a secure page that is hosted on a different 
secured server that does not have access to the client's MySQL database. 
I pass in the class info so the registration form can display
        "Registering for class $title<br>$start_date<br>$cost"
The form then gathers name, address, etc including credit card info.

On submitting the form, the data is processed and a PGP email is sent 
out to the registar.

Then a thank you page is displayed and the user is forwarded back to the 
main site, where a second page is displayed allowing for either download 
of class materials or to return to the class list. This page is where I 
post the necessary info into the MySQL database.

So my dilemma -- I want to use session_register to capture the field 
info from the registration form and then read it back out on the website 
thank you page.

I have
at the beginning of the form page (select_class.php) and the thank you 
page on their website (thanks.php) where I post the info to MySQL.
The form includes inputs such as
         <td colspan=3>
           <input type=text name=name maxlength=100 size=60
                 value="<? echo($name); ?>">

What happens is that old data shows up for name, and address (the only 
fields I have tested so far) regardless of what I enter in the form. I 
was under the impression that a registered variable is updated once the 
page is processed. If I am calling the same page (select_class.php) to 
process the form, does the data get reverted somehow? The data just 
doesn't seem to get updated to the form inputs.

What might I be missing?

Thanks in advance
Terry Romine
Web Developer

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