I believe you.. I added
                 $HTTP_SESSION_VARS['e_address'] = $e_address;
in my process form code and it's still not updating the var.

snippit from select_class.php where I have reference to $e_address:

         switch($doAction) {
             case "Save Information":
     // save data in cookies
                 $HTTP_SESSION_VARS['e_address'] = $e_address;
     <form name='myForm' method='POST' action='select_class.php' 
         <td><p><b>Employer Address:</b></p></td>
         <td colspan=3>
           <input type=text name=e_address maxlength=100 size=60
                 value="<? echo($e_address); ?>">
           <input type='submit' name='doAction' value='Save Information'>

entering any new data does not replace the old data as the 
die($e_address) shows.


On Wednesday, May 15, 2002, at 09:57  AM, matt stewart wrote:

> You need to look up $HTTP_SESSION_VARS['name']  - that's how to change 
> the
> variables when they are already set......
> i think most people have this problem when they first use sessions!
Terry Romine
Web Developer

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