i would consider trying changing the variable names - so the field  on the
form would be called "address", therefore the variable passed through would
be $address, and then have the session variable called "sess_address" or
something like that, and then do  


see if that makes any difference?

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This is freaky.

If I change the <form method='get'> I can see the e_address coming in 
correctly, but it gets changed back to old value -- by the 

should I have something along the line of
        if(!$e_address) register_session('e_address');

On Wednesday, May 15, 2002, at 09:57  AM, matt stewart wrote:

> You need to look up $HTTP_SESSION_VARS['name']  - that's how to change 
> the
> variables when they are already set......
> i think most people have this problem when they first use sessions!
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