I want to check if the connection to database is successfull,
(Apache, PHP4, Interbase, W2000Server)
when I call:


 in case of error it displays a warning message on resulting page.

But what I want to do, is to check if connection is successfull and in case
of not successfull connection redirect to an error page (with the header ()
function). Is there any way to know if connection was succesfull?
I've been tryng to check what ibase_connect returns and its allways an
Object, doc is really poor abt that function and also the doc claims that
ibase_connect() returns an Integer but that is not true... it returns an
object ( echo ibase_connect(...) gives me Object).

Thx 4 any help
Benjamí Tauler
"Everyone should carefully observe which way his heart draws him, and then
choose that way with all his strength."
- Hasidic Saying

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