Hope there's any Oracle Guru around. :)

Oracle 8.1.7:
Asuming that I have the following object type:

Create or Replace Type Test_Table_type as object (PK number(10,0),

name varchar2(100));

and that I have the following package:

Create Package Test_Pkg

    Type test_array_type is varray(10) of Test_Table_Type;

    Function TestFunc(in_array IN test_array_type)
       Return number;


and i want to call the function like this from php:

$query = "begin :result := Test_Pkg.TestFunc(:array);  end;";

and bind a php array to the :array variable.

Is this possible?
If yes, what should the array look like?
If not, how should i do it then?

Any sample code would be really great.

Regards Michael

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