I have a form that allows a person to enter an announcement into a database 
using a form. The form and the query work fine.

$query = "INSERT INTO maztov (fullname1, fullname2, city1, city2, email1, 
email2, post_fullname, mazal_text, post_city, post_email, other_emails, 
entered) VALUES 

$result = mysql_query($query);

Then I realized MagicQuotes was adding slashes to my query, so I added this 

$query = stripSlashes($query);

before I executed the result. Now the result is no longer executing, i.e. 
the entry is not being added into the database.

When I echo the query before and after stripslashes has been applied, it is 
echoing exactly what I think it should.  When I comment out the line with 
stripslashes, it works again but with adding quotes.

What am I doing wrong?



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