Well, the first question is "what's the expected output"?

If you're trying to get, say, title from table1 and rating from table2 
and identify the books in table1 by the unique field "id" and in table2 
by the field "book_id", then this is what you should have to end up with:

SELECT t1.title, t2.rating FROM table1 as t1, table2 as t2 where 

This is obviously a simple example, and depending on what your problem 
is, it may not help. But it's a good start for simple generic JOIN's.



admin wrote:

>Okay, now this is my first try on fetching data from two tables, and frankly
>I'm starting to pull my hair out ;)
>All I want is to fetch some data from two seperate tables in my database.
>So far I have tried different approches, and below is what I think should
>work, but doesn't :(
>SELECT * FROM table1,table2
>This I pasted into phpmyadmin, and it outputted two rows from table2 with
>ekstra columns at the tail of each row. These ekstra columns was just the
>same output from table2.
>Now I have searched the web, but have not found a simple solution for my
>Any ideas?
>If you need more info, please let me know :)

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