If you're looking to do cross-table joins, I'd advise a good book/class
on basic SQL or you're going to get in over your head very very quickly.

SELECT * FROM table1,table2; 

This WILL run, but there's no where clause.  Therefore it will return all
of table1 matched against all of table 2.

SELECT * FROM table1,table2 WHERE table1.col1 = table2.col2;
will limit your result set to the match of the two tables (and is an implicit

The SQL language is (mostly) database independant.  Here's a link
to the mySQL website which'll give some basic info on SELECTs.



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Subject: [PHP-DB] JOIN statement not producing expected output

> Okay, now this is my first try on fetching data from two tables, and frankly
> I'm starting to pull my hair out ;)
> All I want is to fetch some data from two seperate tables in my database.
> So far I have tried different approches, and below is what I think should
> work, but doesn't :(
> SELECT * FROM table1,table2
> This I pasted into phpmyadmin, and it outputted two rows from table2 with
> ekstra columns at the tail of each row. These ekstra columns was just the
> same output from table2.
> Now I have searched the web, but have not found a simple solution for my
> problem.
> Any ideas?
> If you need more info, please let me know :)
> -Lasse
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