I'm having a bit of difficulty getting my REGEXP right for my search engine. I'm 
hoping someone has done this already--it is actually a rather simple problem but I 
suck at regexps . . .

problem:  need to concatinate a query string with like '%searchterm%' from a list of 
words from a webform, but also need to identify "quoted terms" which should not have 
wildcards infront/behind them.

so the result for a search query of 

this is "my search" term set

should end up:

SELECT * FROM TABLE WHERE keywords LIKE '%this%' 
OR keywords LIKE '%is%' 
OR keywords LIKE 'my search' 
OR keywords LIKE '%term%'
OR keywords LIKE '%set%'

so the quoted term doesn't have the wildcards in front/behind.

I'm using preg_split to cut the words using a \s space character presently--I haven't 
yet implemented containing "quoted terms". I'm unsure how to keep the "quoted terms" 
together yet split the other words apart.

I'm guessing someone has done this on the list. .. 


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