could anyone point me in the right direction please??

I needed to use php to upload some large files into mysql and reading 
through previous posts saw that the php.ini file has a default entry 
limit of 2M... this explained why small files were ok but not large 

OK.. but I didnt have a php.ini... hence I downloaded the lastest php 
and used the 4.2.1 "php.ini-dist" file renaming it to the "php.ini" 
and putting it in usr/local/bin as listed in  "phpinfo()"

I changed the min file upload limit to 1000M setting and rebooted the machine..

Since then  "phpinfo()" says the default php.ini file is just 
/php.ini and also worse is that all my forms no longer work! basic 
variables are not being passed across...

I also read that this can be caused by a setting in the php.ini 
file.. but which one?

Also is there a limit on the file size I can upload?? I noticed that 
there is also a limit in the php.ini file on the amount of data 
"post" can handle.. is this a concern??

Setup: "OSX  Server 10.1.4, PHP 4.2.1, Mysql 3.23.46"

Cheers for any advice!


BTW Sorry if you get this twice but I had a response from the list saying
could not be delivered... mailing list (Mailbox or Conference is full.)?


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