On Friday 24 May 2002 20:35, Daz wrote:
> Hi
> could anyone point me in the right direction please??

Yes, but there's no need to post twice. 

> I needed to use php to upload some large files into mysql and reading
> through previous posts saw that the php.ini file has a default entry
> limit of 2M... this explained why small files were ok but not large
> ones...
> OK.. but I didnt have a php.ini... hence I downloaded the lastest php
> and used the 4.2.1 "php.ini-dist" file renaming it to the "php.ini"
> and putting it in usr/local/bin as listed in  "phpinfo()"
> I changed the min file upload limit to 1000M setting and rebooted the
> machine..

I hope you mean the max file upload limit.

> Since then  "phpinfo()" says the default php.ini file is just
> /php.ini and also worse is that all my forms no longer work! basic
> variables are not being passed across...

Most likely it's because you have:

  register_globals = Off

> I also read that this can be caused by a setting in the php.ini
> file.. but which one?

Best way to find out is to go through the whole php.ini file. Have the manual 
handy so you can refer to what settings does what.

> Also is there a limit on the file size I can upload?? I noticed that
> there is also a limit in the php.ini file on the amount of data
> "post" can handle.. is this a concern??

Probably, if you find that you're still hitting a limit then increase 
"post_max_size" as well. Also for older versions of php file uploads are 
stored in memory and are not written to disk until the whole file has been 
transferred. Thus you may find that you need to increase "memory_limit" as 

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