Herbert Groot Jebbink wrote:

> I think I need --with-oracle and not --with-oci8 because the Oracle
> server is 7.3.4, if I replace --with-oracle with --with-oci8 then
> I get the error message:
>   In file included from internal_functions.c:34:
>   /www/src/php-4.2.1/ext/oci8/php_oci8.h:52: oci.h: No such file or 
> directory

After installing the Administration version of Oracle Client and not
the runtime version I can get OCI8 to compile.

If I change the PHP application to use the OCI8 commands instead of
the Oracle commands, can I still connect with it to a Oracle Server 
running under 7.3.4?

Greetings, Herbert

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