With Oracle, 'til 7.3.4, server accept connection from any client.
On the other hand newer release (sure for 8i) cant accept connection for 
7.3.4 client but not by default.

As you use a 9i client on a 7.3.4 server, you shouldn't encounter pbs.

At 28/05/2002 12:39, Herbert Groot Jebbink wrote:
>Herbert Groot Jebbink wrote:
>>I think I need --with-oracle and not --with-oci8 because the Oracle
>>server is 7.3.4, if I replace --with-oracle with --with-oci8 then
>>I get the error message:
>>   In file included from internal_functions.c:34:
>>   /www/src/php-4.2.1/ext/oci8/php_oci8.h:52: oci.h: No such file or 
>> directory
>After installing the Administration version of Oracle Client and not
>the runtime version I can get OCI8 to compile.
>If I change the PHP application to use the OCI8 commands instead of
>the Oracle commands, can I still connect with it to a Oracle Server 
>running under 7.3.4?
>Greetings, Herbert

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