On Friday 31 May 2002 00:19, Jas wrote:
> Not sure how to do this, but I need to pull the contents of an array into
> editable text fields...  As of yet I have not found a way to accomplish
> this:

Good grief, I already posted the answer yesterday. Don't you read the replies? 
Even if you don't, spending a little time googling for "mysql php tutorial" 
would get you numerous examples.

> $table = "auth_users";
>  $record = @mysql_query("SELECT * FROM $table WHERE user_id =
> '$user_id'",$dbh);


>     echo $record;
> It only echoes the resource id, any help or examples would be great!!!!

I repeat, mysql_query() returns a resource-id which you need to feed into 
mysql_fetch_array() to get the actual record.

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