"Dave Carrera" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> menulis tgl 5/31/02 2:39:45 PM:
>Hi All
>I have a fuctioning array of about 20 items.
>What i would like to do is display 3 items from the array randomly and be
>able to place the output anywhere on the screen.
>I have looked at array rand and associated functions at php.net and are
>currently playing with the code to see if i can make it work but some
>guidence in this matter would be very much appreciated.
>Thank you in advance

perhaps you can use array_rand(), see manual. here's snip from manual

srand ((float) microtime() * 10000000);
$input = array ("Neo", "Morpheus", "Trinity", "Cypher", "Tank");
$rand_keys = array_rand ($input, 2);
print $input[$rand_keys[0]]."\n";
print $input[$rand_keys[1]]."\n";

$internet = "indomie telor kornet";

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