Than you very much. I'm talking about dbase files so it must work...

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> if it's like dbase DBF files, then it works with php ...
> you must have right library ( php_dbase.dll )  in the extensions library
> directory..
> look in the manual for commands working with DBF files ....
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> Predmet: [PHP-DB] Mysql and DBF files
> Hi. I have a problem that I hope some of you may have an answer...
> I'd like to use some dbf files I created using clipper with php and mysql.
> don't want to transform the data from one database to another but I want
> have access to them by both php and another program built with clipper at
> the same time. I was told that this is possible with ODBC drivers but
> haven't actually tried yet.
> Does anyone here know something about this?
> Thanx in advance...
> Achilles

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