I'm a relative newbie to the Linux/web server world, having worked with Macs
most of my life. I recently installed the Server install of Yellow Dog
Linux, with no window managers, CLI only. Everything is working pretty much
correctly, except PHP interaction with MySQL. When I tried to install
Invision Board, I got the following error‹

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mysql_connect() in
/var/www/default/forums/sm_install.php on line 249

I figured this meant MySQL or PHP was configured incorrectly so I installed
PhpMyAdmin to see if that would work, and I got the error message

cannot load MySQL extension,
please check PHP Configuration.

What needs to be configured? I was under the impression that MySQL support
was built into PHP now and that it needs no extension. I downloaded the RPM
of PHP 4.1.2 (the latest PPC RPM available at rpmfind) and it told me it was
already installed. I then installed MySQL 3.23.41 to no effect.

So what can I do to fix this?


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