I am getting an error when inserting data into a mysql database table.  It
is telling me that there is a duplicate entry in the database everytime it
gets 10 records inserted to the table, if I flush the table and try it again
it works fine.  Is there some kind of limit on some tables?  Here is the
error php outputs once the table gets 10 records: Duplicate entry '10' for
key 1
Here is the code...
require '/home/web/b/bignickel.net/scripts/admin/db.php';
     $table = "demo_sessions";
     $sql_insert = "INSERT INTO $table (ipaddy,date) VALUES
('$ipaddy','$date')" or die('Could not insert client info');
     $result = @mysql_query($sql_insert,$dbh) or die(MYSQL_ERROR());

Any help on this would be great

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