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column in your table denotes your primary key? After that, how is it 
incremented? Is it auto or do you have some other form of it.  I think 
your code is correct so the error seems to be how the data ID is generated.

gl -- Seth

Jas wrote:

> I am getting an error when inserting data into a mysql database table.  It
> is telling me that there is a duplicate entry in the database everytime it
> gets 10 records inserted to the table, if I flush the table and try it again
> it works fine.  Is there some kind of limit on some tables?  Here is the
> error php outputs once the table gets 10 records: Duplicate entry '10' for
> key 1
> Here is the code...
> require '/home/web/b/bignickel.net/scripts/admin/db.php';
>      $table = "demo_sessions";
>      $sql_insert = "INSERT INTO $table (ipaddy,date) VALUES
> ('$ipaddy','$date')" or die('Could not insert client info');
>      $result = @mysql_query($sql_insert,$dbh) or die(MYSQL_ERROR());
> Any help on this would be great
> Jas

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