I changed method to GET and the value of $lastname seems to be getting
passed but so is $submit, with the value "Search for Last Name" as you might
expect. Probably this ain't the answer

Matthew Crouch wrote:

> this bit from my index page is giving me 2 headaches:
> 1. it isn't passing anything into the URL
> 2. the page that gets called ("name.php") sits and tries to load
> forever. it looks like it's even filling up my hard drive with data (?!)
> Note: it does this (#2) even if I type in the URL with a variable and
> value, like "name.php?lastname=smith"
> <?
> printf ("<form method=\"post\" action=\"name.php?lastname=%s\">",
> $lastname);
> ?>
>     <div align="center">
>       <input type="Text" name="lastname" size="75">
>       <input type="Submit" name="submit" value="Search for Last Name">
>     </div>
>   </form>
> </div>

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