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> I don't want to start a tangent here, but the most accepted way for
> generating HTML with PHP is to NOT generate HTML with PHP.  Thus, the
> original code should be written like this:

Huh?  ".. most accepted way for generating ...is NOT generate.."?
Brain fart?  =)

I will regularly use large "echo" style statements to generate HTML, especially
<SELECT> tags and result tables.

> As far as the POST/GET question, you technically can use POST and GET
> methods simultaneously, but it's nasty.  For best results, stay away from
> the register_globals functionality and use $HTTP_POST_VARS[] and
> $HTTP_GET_VARS[] instead.

Both of which are deprecated.  =(  _GET _POST are the new ones.

POST will allow larger form submits as well, like file uploads.  GET are for 
smaller and faster data sets.

> Go to WeSellBooksByTheMillions and buy a good PHP book for reference.  They
> have lots of basics like this in them.  I prefer most anything from Wrox
> Press (http://www.wrox.com/)


RIP Computer Literacy bookstores after the Barnes and Noble acquisition.


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