User setup depends on how you configured MS SQL.  IIRC, MS SQL defaults
(during installation) to use Windows user accounts.  MS SQL is a lot nicer
to work with IMO than MySQL, but I can't justify the $12k+ price tag for a
majority of my operations (unlimited Net license).


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> I just starting with mssql coming from a mysql background.
> Im looking for tutorials and such on how to get scripts working with php.
> The server is IIS 5 with php 4.2.1 and mssql 2000.  phpinfo() shows that
> mssql is recognised.
> Im not sure if I have to jump through hoops like how I did when I first
> started with mysql in setting up
> users for each database with mssql.  But any resources would be greatly
> appreciated.
> Meantime, Ill start with the manual and user feedback comments...
> Thanks
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> Gerard Samuel
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