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> I will regularly use large "echo" style statements to generate HTML,
especially <SELECT> tags and result tables.

Oops...I forgot some key phraseology here.  IN MY OPINION, it's cleaner and
easier to read if you
don't use "echo" style statements to generate HTML, especially if it's tags
where you have to do \"\"\"\" everywhere.
It's just annoying (again, IMHO *8-]) to have to escape quotes and such
(additionally, if you use an editor that
does syntax highlighting, it looks purtier).

>> As far as the POST/GET question, you technically can use POST and GET 
>> methods simultaneously, but it's nasty.  For best results, stay away 
>> from the register_globals functionality and use $HTTP_POST_VARS[] and 
>> $HTTP_GET_VARS[] instead.

> Both of which are deprecated.  =(  _GET _POST are the new ones.

Good to know.  Hard to break old habits. 

Thanks for the additional info.


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