I'm looking for a utility that can compare two database structures and
generate a SQL statement that will duplicate the differences.
I'm using mySQL and I have both live and development databases.  While
working on the development database, I frequently make changes to table
structures, adding/removing tables or columns, changing column types, or
adding/removing indexes.  
When I'm ready to move my changes to the live site, I'd like to just
compare the two databases, and have it generate a SQL statement that I
can run on my live database, so that it's structure will match my
development database.  This would be much easier than trying to make all
of the changes manually, or writing my own script to make the changes
(how would you test this? Can't test it on the development database, the
changes are already there.  Can't test it on the live database, what if
there's a mistake of some kind?)
Anybody out there know of a (or a couple) of utilities to do this?

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