On Tue, 25 Jun 2002, Michael Robbins wrote:

>I'm looking for a utility that can compare two database structures and
>generate a SQL statement that will duplicate the differences.
>I'm using mySQL and I have both live and development databases.  While
>working on the development database, I frequently make changes to table
>structures, adding/removing tables or columns, changing column types, or
>adding/removing indexes.  
>When I'm ready to move my changes to the live site, I'd like to just
>compare the two databases, and have it generate a SQL statement that I
>can run on my live database, so that it's structure will match my
>development database.  This would be much easier than trying to make all
>of the changes manually, or writing my own script to make the changes
>(how would you test this? Can't test it on the development database, the
>changes are already there.  Can't test it on the live database, what if
>there's a mistake of some kind?)

Do a diff on the two tables descriptions.

mysql -uuser -ppass database1 -e 'desc sometable' > sometable1 &&
mysql -uuser -ppass database2 -e 'desc sometable' > sometable2 && 
diff sometable1 sometable2 > difference

cat difference

Greg Donald

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