Would be interesting to hear from Peter on why he feels the urge to store
XML docs in MySQL (or, better said:  I would be interested in hearing what
he is trying to accomplish and why he...or someone...feels XML stored in a
relational database is the way to go).

mysql, sql, xql, xquery, query....what did I miss?


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> > On the other hand, proclaimed "native" XML databases (eg, Software AG's
> > Tamino, Ixiasoft's TEXTML) store the "XML-wrapped" data in the
> > need to wrap and unwrap the metadata, document/data structure from the
> Isn't that more than a bit stupid?  Databases are for storing data, not
metadata.  Ask Monty why he doesn't store data natively as
> XML.  Short answer: it's stupid, unless all you ever want to see from your
database is XML-wrapped data and never want to see it any
> other way.
> The whole world isn't XML, nor should it be.  40+ years of working with
data tells us that you ALWAYS want to store data in its
> simplest form.
> sql,db,mysql
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