On Sunday 30 June 2002 09:06, CrossWalkCentral wrote:

As this has nothing to do with DBs it should be posted to the php-general 

> When using this fucntion listed bellow with the HTML headder

What function? And what HTML header?

> the email sent does not show the FROM in the FORM filed it just displays it
> in the email message

"FORM filed" -- is this FROM field or FORM filled (or do you really mean FORM 

> Any one have any ideas.

>From this confusing mish-mash, I can only guess that you're trying to use the 
mail() function and you're trying to add a FROM header.

> $headers .= "From: CrossWalkCentral <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> \n";

That being the case the manual has an example on how it is done.

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