I want to be able to update a file on my server (which can be accessed
through FTP).  My question is how do I go about accessing it?  Do I have to
use the ftp_connect(); functions or can I just go about with something like
// This doesn't work:

  $Location = "ftp://";. $Find->USER .":". $Find->PASS ."@mysite.com/files/".
$Find->BRANCH .".txt";

  if (!$fp = fopen($Location, "a"))
   Error("Error: 0001.  File ($Location) could not be found.");
   if (!fwrite($fp, $Find->Line)) // line is an HTML tag/link
    Error("Error: 0002. Information was not written.");

   if (!fclose($fp))
    Error("Error: 0003.  File close error.");

I cannot figure out how to access the file and update it (which is just
/file/*.txt from where I'll be accesing it).  By update I mean append.  I
tried to access it with the complete.

So, what file path do I use to update (append) a file on the same Windows
(2k) server as my web server (/files/*.txt is the location of the file
relative to the PHP code).

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