That's the way auto_increment works.  You'll have to make the field
an int (no auto_increment) and supply a record id yourself on insert.

On Mon, 01 Jul 2002 08:21:18 +1200, Chris Payne wrote:

> Hi there everyone,
> I have my id field auto incrementing (Of course) and I have a utility
> that allows me to remove items from it, the problem is when I remove
> something the items after it keep their IDís leaving a gap in the ID.
> For example, say I have 1-10 in the ID field and I remove number 8, Iíll
> have 1-7 and then 9-10, what I need is for 9-10 to go down to 8-9, how
> can I do this?  Itís really important as I have an ad-rotator system
> which gets the total number of fields from the DB and if there is an
> empty ID it causes there to be an invalid image appear (Of course).
> So all I need is to renumber the ID field after a delete I guess, but
> how?
> Any help would be extremely grateful :-)
> Thanks
> Chris
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