I'm trying to write a unified database query function for an application I 
have which currently accesses data from both DB2 and Microsoft SQL from a 
Linux server.  I'm using ODBC functions for DB2, and Sybase functions for 
Microsoft SQL.

Here's what I've got for DB2, and a blank area for MSSQL:

function db_query ($db_type, $db_conn, $db_query) {
        // Uncomment to debug
        //echo $db_query.'<br>';
        if ($db_type == 'odbc') {
                $result = odbc_exec($db_conn, $db_query);
                while(odbc_fetch_into($result, &$row)) {
                $data[0] = get_data ($result);
                $data[1] = odbc_num_rows ($result);
                odbc_free_result ($result);
        } else if ($db_type == 'sybase') {
                // What do I put here?
        return $data;

If anyone could tell me what I could put in the sybase if statement to return 
data in an identical format as that returned by the odbc if statement, I 
would greatly appreciate it!

I'm somewhat at a loss as the sybase commands are quite different from the 
odbc commands.

Thanks in advance,

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