On 07/01/2002 05:03 PM, Casey Allen Shobe wrote:
> On Monday 01 July 2002 01:55 pm, Manuel Lemos wrote:
>>Why do you re-invent the wheeel and don't you use a database abstraction
>>package that handles the database differences of you, like for instance
> Because I had never heard of it.  It doesn't appear to have a sybase module 

Now you heard of it.

There is a Sybase driver here awaiting to go through the driver 
conformance tests that verify if Metabase API features work as expected 
with this driver. You know, rigorous quality control so nobody gets 


> anyways, and they appear to be separate classes for each database, whereas I 

Actually separate classes for each database is a good idea because you 
only call each function fo one database at a time, so it is not bloated 
as it would be if there was a single class with code for all databases.

> wanted one for all.  Perhaps however I am misreading the site, but it won't 
> let me very far without a username and password.

You just need to subscribe to the site, it is free.


Manuel Lemos

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