one point that you should keeped in mind is, if you have a cluster of 
webservers connecting to the same db-server, then you have to mount the 
filesystems, where you store the images on all webservers.

On the other hand many db's like oracle have many restrictions with 
lobs. In oracle you can have only one LOB per table. And also functions 
like SELECT DISTINCT or GROUP BY are not supported on LOB-fields.

MySQL is here the positive exception, because MySQL supports such 
functions also on LOB-fields.

We store images and other documents on the filesystem, but text-data 
like session-data ist stored in LOB's,


Pierre-Alain Joye schrieb:
> On Tue, 2 Jul 2002 05:45:40 +0200
> "Andy" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>is the increase of the network traffic noticable? The query is pretty small
>>just text. Do u really think this might increase the traffic?
> Try to heavely charge a DB with images inside it.
> Do the same without DB, that depends if the dbms is in another server or not, note 
>localhost server can use the network interface and not the socket.
> then compare the two methods, and use the best :).
> Tests are always the best way to get the best methods :).
>>I also noticed that the image is not cached anymore. Is this true for all
>>blobs, or do I just access them in a wron way?
> Cached ? Client side ?
> hth
> pa

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