hey all,

i have this
$today = getdate();
$month = $today['mon'];
$day = $today['mday'];
$year = $today['year'];

$command="mysqldump -uroot --password=***** iktato intrat2003 >tt.sql";
When $command="mysqldump -uroot --password=***** iktato intrat2003 "; it
works and
when $command="mysqldump -uroot --password=***** iktato intrat2003 >tt.sql";
it doesn't work.
i have made a consol script that runs a linux command from a normal input
text box. With that same command it executes it and makes the tt.sql. And im
not using exec() because i need to see the results of it thats why i use

help pls

Thomas "omega" Henning

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