Hi Everybody,

Please forgive the basic nature of this question--I have looked at the
manual, but I found that much of it went over my head.

I'm trying to create a second level of a website that displays course
listings.  The first level lists a bunch of courses.  I'd like users to be
able to click on the title of a course to go to a page that contains details
about that course.

>From what I understand, I should do this by making the title of the course
on the first page (courses.php) a link to the second page (courseinfo.php)
with a query string attached--so that the link would look like
 <a href="courseinfo.php?CourseID=12">Accounting 101</a>

What I'm having trouble doing is coding the second page.  Here's what I've
done.  When I run this, I get a blank page in return...if anyone can help, I
would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks in advance.


$db = @mysql_connect("host","user","pword");
mysql_select_db("dln", $db);

if ( !$CourseID ) {
print ("no course id included")

$query = "Select * from course, disc, instit, prof where course.CourseID =
$CourseID and course.DiscID = disc.DiscID and course.InstitID =
instit.InstitID and course.ProfID = prof.ProfID;
$result = mysql_query ($query);
echo "MySQL error number " . mysql_errno() . ": " . mysql_error();

print ("<table border=\"0\" cellpadding=\"5\" class=\"default\">\n");

print ("<tr


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