Matthew, have you tried running your query from the command line in MySQL?
If you can do that successfully, that'll prove that the query is functioning
properly and the problem can be tracked elsewhere.

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Hi Everybody,

Please forgive the basic nature of this question--I have looked at the
manual, but I found that much of it went over my head.

I'm trying to create a second level of a website that displays course
listings.  The first level lists a bunch of courses.  I'd like users to be
able to click on the title of a course to go to a page that contains details
about that course.

>From what I understand, I should do this by making the title of the course
on the first page (courses.php) a link to the second page (courseinfo.php)
with a query string attached--so that the link would look like
 <a href="courseinfo.php?CourseID=12">Accounting 101</a>

What I'm having trouble doing is coding the second page.  Here's what I've
done.  When I run this, I get a blank page in return...if anyone can help, I
would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks in advance.


$db = @mysql_connect("host","user","pword");
mysql_select_db("dln", $db);

if ( !$CourseID ) {
print ("no course id included")

$query = "Select * from course, disc, instit, prof where course.CourseID =
$CourseID and course.DiscID = disc.DiscID and course.InstitID =
instit.InstitID and course.ProfID = prof.ProfID;
$result = mysql_query ($query);
echo "MySQL error number " . mysql_errno() . ": " . mysql_error();

print ("<table border=\"0\" cellpadding=\"5\" class=\"default\">\n");

print ("<tr


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