Hi Michael,

So what you are saying is that apache/php will keep opening sessions 
until oracle runs out of processes or cursors or memory or hits 
session_per_user maximum ??

I was thinking of experimenting with the profile parameter IDLE_TIME 
Profile Parameter to make oracle close open sessions after a certain 
amount of time , have you any experience with this?

I have

open_cursors  = 500
processes   = 200
max_enabled_roles = 30

At 8:24 AM +0200 9/7/02, Michael Bretterklieber wrote:
>this depends on your settings in the init<instance>.ora in the 
>directory /opt/oracle/OraHome1/admin/<instance>/pfile dir.
>Here are some settings:
>processes = 150
>open_cursors = 300
>max_enabled_roles = 30
>you also have to set the sizes of the shared-memory pool.
>Steve Farmer wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>Does anyone know how many sessions can be opened by apache/php to 
>>Oracle using OCIPlogon, or what parameter setting controls this?
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