If you have a local webserver with PHP installed, all you should need
to do is install phpMyAdmin on your local server
and configure phpMyAdmin to look for the databases on the
remote machine.

Start up your web browser, go to the phpMyAdmin URL that
you just installed on your local machine, and you should be able
to access the remote DB.

The other good thing about phpMyAdmin is you can configure
it to access multiple DB servers.

I have an installation of phpMyAdmin set up to access DB servers
on the local machine (Solaris) and also on a remote machine (Redhat Linux).
Works just fine


At 12:48 11-07-02 -0400, Mark McCulligh wrote:
>I have a site that is on a Windows Server :< and having problems with the
>Hoster giving me telnet access to Admin MySQL.  Is there some thing like
>phpMyAdmin for Windows.  I want to put it in a folder on my site to manage
>the DB.
>I thought of developing my own, but why build it if it exist already.
>Thanks, Mark.
>Mark McCulligh, Application Developer / Analyst
>Sykes Canada Corporation www.SykesCanada.com
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