My instincts tell me to keep out of this spat, but what the hey...

1) Perhaps it is wise not to make gratuitous, patronizing replies, such as
"RTFM," to requests for information.  Better to let the question pass and
keep your thoughts to yourself.

2) Perhaps it is wise not to use words like "_ass_" and "_prick_" in a
public mailing list putatively devoted to the pusuit of knowledge.

You can figure out which point applies to which combatant.

Cryptic signatures are for the self-important;
Cuss words are for the linguistically challenged;
To the best of your ability, be at peace with all men (and women).

Fred Woolsey

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On Friday 19 July 2002 01:44, Hillensbeck, Preston wrote:
> Well have you thought about that maybe someone went looking for the
> documentation and couldn't find what they were looking for?  

Did the OP tell you that? Let him/her speak for himself/herself.

> Maybe if you
> get your _head_ out of your _ass_ and stop being a prick, maybe you would
> see that.

And you're not helping the OP by hurling insults.

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