There's a PHP script that takes a monochrome BMP and converts it into some
sort of hex code and I've noticed some patterns with this code. This image
is 72 pixels wide by 14 high so there's 1008 pixels. In the code returned,
theres 252 chars, which is 1008 divided by 4.

So I guessed the image is split into 4 pixels each. So if I pass an image
with the first pixel black and everyhting else white, it returns 8 for those
4. If I pass an image with the first and second black, it returns c.

With the first three black, it returns e. With the first 4, f. And if I have
the 5th pixel black it goes onto the next char code, eg returning f for the
first 4 pixels, then 8 for the 5th pixel black, ie the first pixel in the
next 4. In total it returns f8.

I tried reading in each pixel of the script, checking if it was black or
white, 1 for black, 0 for white. Then converting these 0s and 1s from
decimal to hex, then converting from binary to hex, but to no avail. Then I
tried taking a set of 4 1s or 0s and converting them, but still no luck.

So my questions is, does anyone know how theyre encoding the image???? I
could probably could decipher the coding with some experimentation but it
really looks like hex and I might be wasting my time.


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