OK, i thought I found my solution but...

How come if I convert from "1000" from Binary to Hex in calculator, it
returns 8, but when I use the PHP bin2hex function, it returns loads of 3s
and 0s????

"Georgie Casey" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Rite,
> There's a PHP script that takes a monochrome BMP and converts it into some
> sort of hex code and I've noticed some patterns with this code. This image
> is 72 pixels wide by 14 high so there's 1008 pixels. In the code returned,
> theres 252 chars, which is 1008 divided by 4.
> So I guessed the image is split into 4 pixels each. So if I pass an image
> with the first pixel black and everyhting else white, it returns 8 for
> 4. If I pass an image with the first and second black, it returns c.
> With the first three black, it returns e. With the first 4, f. And if I
> the 5th pixel black it goes onto the next char code, eg returning f for
> first 4 pixels, then 8 for the 5th pixel black, ie the first pixel in the
> next 4. In total it returns f8.
> PS
> I tried reading in each pixel of the script, checking if it was black or
> white, 1 for black, 0 for white. Then converting these 0s and 1s from
> decimal to hex, then converting from binary to hex, but to no avail. Then
> tried taking a set of 4 1s or 0s and converting them, but still no luck.
> So my questions is, does anyone know how theyre encoding the image???? I
> could probably could decipher the coding with some experimentation but it
> really looks like hex and I might be wasting my time.

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